Squeak on iPaq..success!

Kevin Fisher kgf at golden.net
Sun Dec 31 22:21:35 UTC 2000


Hi John, Tim:

Just got back from some much-needed holiday time so I'm just wading thru my 
email now:

> Re:
> >There's a resonable chance that you could use higher optimisation for
> >most of the vm and just drop it for the parts that have problems. Ought
> >to be a relatively simple makefile hack, surely? Particularly if all the
> >plugins are made external.
> Sounds plausible. I don't have a development environment for StrongARM,
> so I'll leave it up to Kevin for now.

Yes, I think this should be easy to do.  The ARM GCC only has problems with 
the sqUnixSound plugin, from what I can tell.  I'll try rebuilding with 
optimizations on everything except the sound and see how it goes.  I was just 
in a rush to get something working for the holidays. ;)

I'm building it on a native ARM system provided by the handhelds.org/Compaq 
folks so I won't be able to upgrade the GCC to a 'fixed' version...that'll 
have to happen at their convenience, I'm afraid. :)  Perhaps I'll try setting 
up the cross-compiler environment...it's been quite a while since I've set up 
GCC as a cross compiler but I don't remember it being as nightmarish as the 
handhelds.org site claims.

> In a private message, Joern Eyrich said he got over 10M bytecodes/sec
> on the iPaq with a WinCE-based VM, so C optimization must make
> a bigger difference than I expected. Either that, or WinCE is more
> efficient than Linux... no, let's not even *think* about that!  :->
> 	-- John

Eww!  Well that throws the gauntlet down now, doesn't it? :)  I'll try and get 
a new VM compiled as soon as I get my post-holiday sorting and putting-away 


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