2.9a majorShrink bug & shrunken Morphic

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at disney.com
Sat Dec 16 04:58:19 UTC 2000

>I'm going to try and start out with a nice minimal MVC image (I'm shooting for 
>the mythical 1-meg image Dan Ingalls mentions on the SWiki :).

Kevin -

It's not a myth.  Check out...


This includes an image that is 584k including a farily complete MVC IDE (and it will still run with the very latest VMs).  There's also a Mac VM that is only 171k.

I revisited majorShrink when we froze 2.8, and I think it produced an image under 800k (MVC only).  We have fairly recently produced minimal Morphic images with sound and network that weigh in around 2MB.

	- Dan

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