Invalidations and Re: AlternativeDamageRecorder or: A simplermouse trap?

Dan Ingalls Dan.Ingalls at
Sat Dec 23 22:59:24 UTC 2000

danielv at wrote...
>Andreas - I noticed that world halos always invalidate the world, and
>traced this to CS 2957. One of the offenders is -
>	self isInWorld ifTrue:[self invalidRect: newMorph fullBounds from:
>removing that line fixed adding the halos, but removing them still has
>the undesired effect. Is this simply not uptodate or something? seems
>superflous because any morph added should know to invalidate itself, no?

The problem of damage from world Halos was discussed in September, and I fixed it completely by making #changed only invalidate the submorphs of a halo.  This was then broken by the code to which you refer.

Andreas is out of town for the holidays.  We discussed this problem, and he said this was an early part of the optimizations needed for the new alignment mechanism.  I tried the obvious revert and it produced undesirable side-effects.  As soon as we have a chance to compare notes, we'll put out a fix.

	- Dan

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