How to do a Sexy Squeak Demo?

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Mon Dec 4 13:27:52 UTC 2000

Maybe you will look at my DHTML Squeak Tour at
It should help people getting a first impression of Squeaks possibilities.
There you will find some nice screen shots. Actually it's a rough basic
you have to wait a few seconds after clicking on "Squeak Tour" (otherwise
you get a 
JavaScript error).

Maybe I will find the time to incorporate some plugin demos.


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Hi all,

over the last months I made a lot of Squeak demoes,
basically everywhere I can ;)

So I started to collect code snippets, ways of presenting, files.....
I started to write everything in a set of wiki pages so that 
you can use it and add new material. 

I did not finish yet to upload all the files I used (like some cool flash).
One of my goal is to have a kind of central repository where somebody
to do a demo or have fun with Squeak can find enough information to do it. 

Look at if you want to know more and add things if you wnat to share your
presentation tricks and material


Stephane DUCASSE (ducasse at
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