Should ReadStream>>next signal EndOfStream?

Bob Arning arning at
Thu May 18 02:26:42 UTC 2000


On Thu, 18 May 2000 03:35:46 +0200 Helge Horch <Helge.Horch at> wrote:
>Helge, meet Embarassment.

Don't be embarassed - I've just run across some of those methods before.

>Sorry if I broke eekMail...

I'm still running that on 2.5 so no danger there.

>Unless other embarassing flaws remain, I shall release the port tomorrow 
>(well, actually today, but after a good night's (whatever remains of it) 

As a slight modification, I would suggest

	"Primitive. Answer the next object in the Stream represented by the
	receiver. Fail if the collection of this stream is not an Array or a String.
	Fail if the stream is positioned at its end, or if the position is out of
	bounds in the collection. Optional. See Object documentation

	<primitive: 65>
	position >= readLimit
		ifTrue: [^EndOfStream signal]
		ifFalse: [^collection at: (position _ position + 1)]

This change allows the exception to be caught and a different value returned. Compare the results of:

	| s |
	s _ ReadStream on: Array new.
	([s next] 
		on: EndOfStream
		do: [ :ex | ex resume: 'that''s all there is']) inspect.

with both versions of #next to see the difference.


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