Squeak as an NT service

Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at disney.com
Thu Jan 25 21:31:46 UTC 2001

Do you have administrator priviledges on the machine you're running this
on?! Installing a service on NT requires admin rights.

  - Andreas

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> Subject: Squeak as an NT service
> Can anyone provide a tip on running squeak as an NT service?
> I've tried 
> C:\squeak\2.8\squeak.exe -service: "Squeak" 2.7.image
> C:\squeak\2.8\squeak.exe -headless -service: "Squeak" 2.7.image
> And a few other combos.  I always get the error message:
> "Starting the service is failed.
> Error 5:Access is denied."
> Thanks, Tim.

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