Headless Comanche Server

Stephen Pair spair at advantive.com
Fri Jan 5 17:22:55 UTC 2001

You can run VNC on the solaris machine and start squeak in the vnc
session...squeak seems to work well under vnc (at least on Linux)...that's a
quick and dirty was to avoid having to maintain an interactive X session,
yet still be able to access squeak to common maintenance things without
having to restart squeak interactively.

There's also the possibility of running a Nebraska server on the headless
image, and using a Nebraska client for maintenance duties, but there is no
security built into that scheme (that I know of anyway) right now.

Speaking of security, if you go the VNC route, you might also want to look
into wrappering that service with some secure transport mechanism (like

- Stephen

> I'm up and running on Solaris using a vanilla 2.8 image + UnknownLegend
> (Comanche).   What I would like to do is make this a headless image.   The
> FAQ pretty much only talks about NT and MVC projects.
> Anyone have a simple step by step for this?
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