Convention regarding exceptions

Bob Arning arning at
Thu Jan 25 01:06:22 UTC 2001

Duane, Tim,

On Wed, 24 Jan 2001 16:54:16 -0800 Duane Maxwell <dmaxwell at> wrote:
>The reason there are so few is that exception handling was a relatively
>recent addition to Squeak - about a year or so. IIRC, the version in the
>base image still needs a little final tweaking.  I think Tim Rowledge has
>the necessary modifications to make it complete.  I know several people
>have been lobbying for inclusion.  When/if that happens, some adventurous
>Squeakers may embark on a  mission to add rational exception handlers to
>the rest of the image.

Tim's changes arrived as part of one of SMA's packages back in November. Unfortunately, Tim's changes collided with those by Ian and Marcus that were needed by jitter3 and were set aside until they could be resolved. I don't know if Tim was informed of this nor whether any further action was taken. Perhaps if Tim or someone else could reconcile the differences, this matter could be wrapped up.


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