Tile for Mouse and Keyboard ?

Scott Wallace Scott.Wallace at disney.com
Sat Jan 6 04:34:36 UTC 2001

At 11:15 AM +0100 12/11/00, Karl Ramberg wrote:
>By the way, is there a random number tile ?


I'm not certain whether anyone ever responded to your query, but the 
answer is that there *is* indeed a random-number tile, though it's 
not easy to find it these days unless you know where to look.

In our early etoy experiments the etoy environment always had a 
"supplies" palette right before the user's eyes, where one could find 
various oddball items like this, but the environment that had this 
got removed a while back

Nowadays, to get a random-number tile, you need to use a "Standard 
Parts Bin" (in the Author Tools menu).  On the last page of this 
parts bin you'll find some tiles, including one labeled "random 180". 
This is what you need -- just grab tear one off from the parts bin 
and drop it onto any number-valued tile in any script.

BTW I notice that the tiles on that page of the parts bin are for 
some reason nowadays entirely the wrong height -- undoubtedly a 
consequence of the big layout overhaul of a month or two ago -- but 
when dropped into a script they assume the proper size.

Note that there are a couple of other useful tiles on that page, 
including boolean-valued tiles that report whether the mouse-button 
is up or down.

   -- Scott

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