[ENH][Incomplete] An alternate UI Look (was Re: Better Squeak UIs, "Skin Clicks" ?)

David Farber dfarber at numenor.com
Mon Jan 15 16:35:01 UTC 2001

Doug - this is very nice. keep up the good work!

the one thing i noticed is that the close, menu and minimize icons in the
title bar don't carry the same weight visually. the X icon is bigger than
the square icon which is bigger than the circle icon.


At 07:42 PM 1/14/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Ok, since we're discussing alternate UI's, I'll post what I have so far
>with my alternate look.  Attached is a screenshot and changeset.  Note
>that it's not really finished, and I still want to come up with some
>other alternatives, too.
>It's more of a pink-plane improvement attempt, not really a "UI of the
>Future" sort of thing.  It adjusts the look of SystemWindows, and tweaks
>the bevelling code a bit.  (I haven't done anything with menus or
>buttons yet.)  It only works for Morphic.
>The new look tries to keep the Squeak "fun" flavor intact by keeping the
>multi-colored windows, but takes advantage of the existing bevelling
>code to make things look a little sharper.  It also tries to keep things
>fairly simple by not using features (gradients, transparency) which
>don't look good in 8-bit mode.  (It might be worth using these in 16-bit
>or better mode only, though.)  Thus, I think it looks pretty good in
>8-bit mode, as well as 16/32.  I haven't dealt with 1-bit mode yet.
>The only minor innovation is using polygons for the titlebar buttons,
>which I think looks kind of neat, and seems like a Squeaky thing to do. 
>These potentially could be scalable, so that a thicker title bar had
>bigger buttons.  I'm not necessarily married to these particular
>buttons, we could try some others, too.
>I think this new look looks best with the "pale" window color set (see
>the appearance/window colors menu), which I would vote for as a new
>default color set, although the new look still looks good with the
>bright colors too.  The attached .gif file uses the pale colors.
>The attached NewLook changeset is for 2.9alpha-3193.  It's mostly a
>bunch of 1-line changes to existing methods, so it's prone to
>conflicting with the recent updates to SystemWindow... there are still a
>few things that need to be fixed, such as the border of the System
>Browser text pane (if you have inboard scrollbars).  (Also, with my
>changeset loaded, I tried loading the NewLookSampleProject on the
>SuperSwiki, but the windows still had the old look (not surprisingly, I
>guess), so the project wasn't as useful as I'd hoped.  Is there an easy
>way to regenerate all open windows?)
>Anyway, enjoy.  Comments and constructive criticism are welcome.
>- Doug Way
>  dway at riskmetrics.com

David Farber
dfarber at numenor.com

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