CharRecog & ALT-?? keys

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at
Mon Jan 1 21:37:24 UTC 2001

Kevin --

Don't forget that Nathanial Schaerli did a fantastic recognizer that 
is much much better than the one in the download. He has promised to 
put it in 2.9 when it settles down enough. (Nathanial: has it?)

Cheers and Happy New Year to All,



At 3:03 PM -0500 1/1/01, Kevin Fisher wrote:
>Happy new year, one and all!
>Well, I've successfully shrunken a -useful- Morphic image for use on an iPaq. 
>Success!  It's only about 5megs in size, nice and cozy yet still useful. 
>Tetris & Same Game look pretty nifty on the iPaq. :)  I'm putting a small
>changeset together specifically for creating Morphic images on iPaqs that I'll
>send out soon (it's just a variation on majorShrink).  I've found that
>unusedClasses and removeAllUnsentMessages tends to remove vital things needed
>by Morphic so I had to comment that out.
>Anyway, I want to get the CharRecog stuff working in a convenient way for iPaq
>use.  Currently, it gets turned on when you do an alt-r in a TextMorph.  I'm
>trying to think of a convenient way to activate this mode on the iPaq...for
>now I think the SystemWindow menu button would be a good place to put it for
>starters (does anyone have any other good ideas?).
>However, I can't seem to track down the code that handles alt-whatever
>keypresses!  Can anyone give me a pointer to where this is handled?

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