System Windows making me insane!

Kevin Fisher kgf at
Wed Jan 17 03:26:55 UTC 2001

> The problem is that 1) your window doens't have a model, thus it relies on
> the default initialExtent (which is 570 at 350); this is true even if you
> used the rectangle as the model since it doesn't have a specific, special
> initialExtent, 2) #openInWorld uses the #initialExtent.
> So the simple solution is to change the last line of your snippet to:
> 	 syswin openInWorldExtent: newExtent
> This seemed to work for me in 2.8 (tiny window, white rect).
> Cheers,
> Bijan Parsia.

Thank you!  I knew I was missing the obvious.  *smacks head*
I think I've been staring at my screen for too long tonight. :)  

(Usually I don't bother with SystemWindows, but in this case I had a special 
need for one...)

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