bug report, mainly pointer size

Marcel Weiher marcel at metaobject.com
Tue Jan 16 17:50:32 UTC 2001


I have a VM where the GlobalMemory and Interpreter are actually real  
Objective-C objects, generated by a special Objective-C  
code-generator, therefore eliminating the global variables.

The plugin-generator hasn't been adapted yet, so various necessary  
primitives aren't working, but otherwise it seems OK.

As Objective-C constructs map 1:1 to equivalent C (Objective-C used  
to be implemented as a *simple* pre-processor), it shouldn't be too  
difficult to create a subclass of this translator that also  
incorporates the "Objective-C -> C" translation phase, though of  
course gcc handles Objective-C out of the box.

Maybe that would be a starting point.



> From: Edward P Luwish <eluwish at qwest.com>

> I wouldn't mind a "HOWTO" on the inner workings of the C Generator - 
> My need is to put all the global variables into a single struct  
that can
> be alloc'd prior to calling the interpreter.  I'm sure there are a  
> of cases where we end up "programming in C" (and re-doing it every time 
> the VM is improved) because the C Generator produces
> platform-inappropriate code.  It's pretty arcane territory to play  
> in the "usual Smalltalk way" (i.e., read the source).  I don't  
think the
> Slang subset of Smalltalk is defined anywhere, and the only debug  
> I can think of is to compile the C output and try it out.

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