Meaningful Swiki URLs?

Henrik Gedenryd Henrik.Gedenryd at
Sat Jan 27 10:37:50 UTC 2001

Jochen F. Rick wrote:

> The problem with no numbers is that you cannot allow pages to change
> names, or, if they do, the links from outside no longer work.

Yepp, that kind of makes the scheme impossible to rely on. I mean if
changing the contents invalidates the URL, and anyone can edit any page, and
not everyone is aware of the URL guessing scheme.

This completely violates people's understandings of how URLs work. For all
intents and purposes, this is not a URL, it's a malformed search request. If
it looked like


or so, then it would at least appear in a way that suggests how it works.

I was asking about a way of referring to a page in a reliable way without
having to remember arbitrary numbers.


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