Meaningful Swiki URLs?

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at
Thu Jan 25 09:44:58 UTC 2001

Yes you are right!

What I like wit WkiWorks is that we have meaningfull reference
like stef+fun+squeak

what I would like to know if thereis a possibility to merge two wikis
Or to have one wki synchonzed with another one. 
For example  have one on my local machine and one main server then when 
I connect Iwould like that the change I made on y local one are transported
to the server one: tell me if there are some conflicts. 

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> Would it be possible to augment the Swikis to allow some pages to be
> converted from numbered names ("1235.html") to meaningful names, and/or
> adding named subdirectories with default index pages.
> This would be useful for certain more significant topics.
> In that way we could refer questions to meaningful URLs instead of
> essentially telling everyone to go to the swiki and search for a given
> topic?
> e.g. might become
> or something.
> others could be swiki/projects, swiki/download, swiki/faq, swiki/screenshots
> and so on.
> Whenever someone asks me about the type stuff, I can't remember the URL (I
> think one of them is 1241.html), or even what links to follow.
> Henrik

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