Full General MIDI instrument set

Jesse Welton jwelton at pacific.mps.ohio-state.edu
Wed Jan 24 14:35:16 UTC 2001

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Eric Scharff wrote:
> Yes, I'd be interested in anything you started with.  IIRC there are some
> Unix MIDI players that use the GUS patches, so their source code may make
> up for lack of documentation.

See the attachments.  First is LoopedSampledSound.1.cs, which has the
changes to LoopedSampledSound which make it more suitable for handling
the loops on GUS patch samples, including ping-pong loops.  This is
doubtless entirely inappropriate for the current image, as it applies
changes to VM generation as it was before pluginization.  The second
file is SoundFiles.1.cs, which reorganizes sound file reading and
includes the not-quite-working GUS patch reader.  It relies on changes
made to LoopedSampledSound in the previous change set, but otherwise
is probably more or less compatible with the current image.

> Why is there a need for a new primitive?  As you say, I would think that
> LoopedSampledSound would be enough.

I wanted to be able to have LoopedSampledSounds with ping-pong loops,
without having to munge the sample data.  That way, it would be
possible to take a single sample and try different looping strategies
on it before settling on a final solution.  Glancing at the comments
in the change set, I also notice that I added support for fractional
loop endpoints, where only fractional loop start points were supported
before.  This was to allow the loop points defined in GUS patches to
be used without having to shift them from their assumedly optimized

In short, we could get by with the existing LoopedSampledSound, but I
thought it would be better to support these features directly.  (Now
it's an even more attractive possibility because plug-ins allows this
to be done without needing a whole new VM.)

I hope you find this useful, and I will be quite pleased if you turn
it into something functional.  Let me know, okay?


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