Comanche on Linux eating CPU?

Mark A. Schwenk mas at
Sun Jan 28 00:10:04 UTC 2001

Cees de Groot wrote:
> I've seen Comanche eating CPU on Linux boxen twice now - the first time
> I thought it was because I had lots of changesets in the image that could
> be the cause, but my second installation was from a clean image and had
> the same behavior. It's not much, maybe ~20%, but on an Internet server
> it's a waste of cycles (especially when said server is doing some unimportant
> background processing, like hosting 8,000 domains ;-)).
> Both installations where Squeak 2.8, Linux 2.2.x on a multi-processor box,
> with the VM attached to an Xvnc server. Anything that I'm doing wrong
> with this setup?
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I'm using Xvnc also on Linux 2.2.x (some multi-processor and some uniprocessor systems). With my swikis, I've mainly had CPU hogging when a morphic project is left open. Leaving an MVC project open instead has dramatically lowered the CPU usage. What type of project is open in your image?

-Mark Schwenk
 WellThot Inc.

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