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kgf at golden.net kgf at golden.net
Sun Jan 14 21:17:59 UTC 2001

"Change Set:		shrinkForIpaq
Date:			14 January 2001
Author:			kgf

This is a variation on majorShrink.  It is intended to be used to shrink
an image for use on a
32meg Compaq iPaq handheld.  This method discards as little as possible,
keeping Morphic, networking, serial and other classes present while
discarding MVC.

Typically, you would do the following:

1) File in this change set, and do a Smalltalk shrinkForIpaq
2) Manually remove any leftover unwanted classes.
3) Do a Smalltalk discardSources, which eliminates the need for sources
and compacts the changes
4) Save the image."!
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