Morphic performance on handhelds

Kevin Fisher kgf at
Mon Jan 15 18:42:12 UTC 2001


This is a very subjective anyone that's using Squeak on
your handheld of choice, I ask:  How responsive does Morphic feel?

Although I'm still struggling with an unoptimized VM on my iPaq, I
find Morphic to be a bit...sluggish.  It's not horrible by any means...
but it is a bit slower than I was hoping.  Dragging morphs particularly
slow (due to the drop shadow perhaps?).  Stuff like character recognition
seems a bit slow as well, but it's certainly usable (just not as fast
as my Palm IIIc).  I haven't had any time yet to look at potential

I'm just curious, is all...I'm still looking in to getting the build chain
fixed on (I've already brought it up on their mailing

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