All Projects page on Swiki updated (was Re: [ENH] OpenGL in Squeak)

Doug Way dway at
Sat Jan 13 08:07:21 UTC 2001

Lex Spoon wrote:
> Added to the "All Projects" page....  Looks neat!

I stopped by the All Projects page, and finally decided to give it a bit
of an overhaul.  I mostly alphabetized everything and tidied it up, and
renamed a few projects which had extraneous information in the title
link.  Hopefully things are a little more readable.

I also went the extra mile and removed the Tools, Goodies, Packages and
Projects links from the main Swiki page, since they were all superseded
by the All Projects page awhile ago.  (These other outdated pages still
exist and are linked from the All Projects page if you really need to
get to one of them.)

One thing I noticed that I didn't clean up yet: There are several
projects listed which have already been incorporated into the base image
now, such as the Object Explorer and File Contents Browser.  I'm
thinking that these could be removed from the All Projects page.  If I
don't hear any outcry soon, I will remove them.

- Doug Way
  dway at

> "Wiebe Baron" <wiebe at> wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> > Here's an updated version of OpenGL hardware acceleration in squeak using
> > FFI.
> >
> >     
> >
> > Things have changed a lot (and cleaned up), it now includes a wee car racing
> > game (a la Grand Theft Auto ;-)!
> > Afraid it only runs on windows (feel free to port it elsewhere)!
> >
> > Enjoy,
> >   Wiebe.

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