Plugin Security (Was Re: How do I create a SqueakPlugin.image from a 2.9a ?)

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Tue Jan 23 05:47:01 UTC 2001

>Luciano Notarfrancesco <lnotarfrancesco at> is widely 
>believed to have written:
>>  And there might be other ways to do this
>>  too... like replacing a CompiledMethod by a primitive
>>  method with primitive 117 (externalCall) and put in
>>  the first literal an array like described in
>>  Interpreter|primitiveExternalCall but with the
>>  appropiate address in the last position. I'm not sure
>>  this will work... I never tryed it.
>With effort you could certainly do some nasty things this way. I'm
>looking into making plugins have an explicit list of allowed functions
>as a way to avoid deliberate or accidental problems of this sort; it's
>something AndreasR sugested a while ago.
>Tim Rowledge, tim at,
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On the macintosh the plugin VM *only* looks in the plugin folder that 
lurks in the  Preferences:Squeak folder. The Squeak VM should not 
have write access to that folder (I hope...) Now if course if you 
have FFI support then well then the sky is the limit.

For the regular macintosh Squeak VM the plugin search follows a 
complicated path as Dan I found out a few days ago. It looks by file 
name in the VM subdirectory plugins folder, then the VM folder. If 
not found then it looks by internal name which can be different than 
file name in the VM folder, then various places in the System folder. 
Failing that it looks for it as part of the code within the VM file. 
Most of that is short circuited by the plugin logic to avoid way too 
much of an opportunity to linkto and call all sorts of macintosh 

Oh, some care has been taken to avoid the abuse of URLS, there seems 
to be lots of interesting things you can code up if you can build any 
URL of your choice and have the browser/plugin logic invoke it. 
RFC1738 claims you can upload files via the proper URL, but doesn't 
give an example.

I can't say what or if you could cobble up a CompiledMethod as per 
above and attempt to execute it as a powerpc instruction set. It 
might not quite work due to instruction versus data cache issues (but 
I'm sure you could figure out a way).
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