Symbolics Genera programming environment for Squeak?

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at
Mon Jan 15 18:21:24 UTC 2001

It would be great if you could enumerate the features that you do 
like without being required to compare to Squeak.




At 9:55 AM -0800 1/15/01, Brian Rice wrote:
>Hi Squeakers,
>Is there an interest in this? I have recently acquired a MacIvory 
>machine running Symbolics Lisp. It has a fantastic interactive 
>listener, which is a lot more palpably usable than Squeak's 
>However, although I've been using Squeak for a while, the panoply of 
>useful key-bindings has eluded me, so I'm not sure I can enumerate 
>what features in Squeak do and do not compare to the Genera 
>environment (which is, to my knowledge, the absolute best 
>command-line environment I have seen, bar none).
>What do you think? This could be an interesting way to expand Squeak 
>as a development environment and as a hosted OS.
>Thanks in advance,

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