Squeak CD-ROM contents available for review

Torsten.Bergmann at phaidros.com Torsten.Bergmann at phaidros.com
Mon Jan 22 08:53:41 UTC 2001

I have to say some words to the stuff Stephen want to include:

- I've sent him two demos ("CampSTDemo" and "The Big Demo") - I created
  them private to show squeak to some interested people. I have no idea if
  hurts someones copyrights when they get included into the CD-ROM.
  (Some of the content and background pictures are downloaded somewhere 
  from the internet). 
- "The Big Demo" is the newer one and includes some of the "Windows only"
  features like opening an Internet Explorer from within Squeak or 
  the OpenGL sample, ...
  It is also possible to start some other demo images (like Morphic
  facial animation, vector graphics image, ...) from within the main image,
  all the stuff has to be in a c:\Demo2000 folder for proper working.
  renamed the folder to TheBigDemo)
- The demo images are not heavily tested - the contents may be useless if 
  you update the images. 

So IMHO it would be better to have a stable squeak version on the CD-ROM
with a 
clean image and redo the demos using a super swiki (and copyright free
I know nothing about the timeline of the book and CD, but maybe Squeak 2.9
soon in a stable state.

- There are new screenshots from the Helio port
  (see: http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/1708)
- Stephen sorted and included my squeak archive - most stuff is out of date
  I know there are a more goodies out there. Would be nice if squeakers can
  to locate them and update the CD.
- If someone could provide a stable FTP server we could reference and
  them on the Swiki 


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