A Squeak Plug-in Application

JArchibald at aol.com JArchibald at aol.com
Sun Jan 14 04:45:06 UTC 2001

=> 1/13/01 11:09:49 PM EST, black at cse.ogi.edu =>
<< It works just fine for me with Netscape (version 4.73 for MacOS), but 
 not at all with iCab or Internet Explorer.  All three browsers are 
 using the same plugin folder.  Do others have the plug-in stuff 
 working with non-Netscape browsers? >>


I was using IE 5.0 on Win'98. Worked fine once I got all the Plugins 
correctly loaded.
For me that was in a specifically Internet Explorer Plugins folder:
    C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Plugins\



Jerry L. Archibald

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