*Revised* Squeak CD-ROM contents available for review

Stephen T. Pope stp at create.ucsb.edu
Mon Jan 22 14:41:37 UTC 2001

Hello all,

I've revised the CD-ROM draft based on the first round of comments
(thanks, folks, for the quick responses!) The colors should be less
annoying, and the web pages are much more complete (though still not
without dangling references). I also reorganized the VI/VM folders (and
populated them with the current distributions). I think that this is
getting close to what I had in mind -- what do you all think?

You can peruse the CD-ROM using ftp at

In response to your requests, I also made special archives of the
"Getting started" newbie image, the tutorials, and the documentation
folder. These are zip files at the URLs:

The whole CD-ROM is still at

Note that there are some problems browsing this, if you get the message
"Netscape is unable to file the file or directory named..." don't
believe it (try the ftp link instead of the http link).

Comments are invited...


"Stephen T. Pope" wrote:
> Specific questions:
> 1) Who has more screen shots for the gallery? See
>     http://www.create.ucsb.edu/~stp/CD-ROM/Screen%20Shots/index.html
> 2) Who wants to try out the "Newbie -- out-of-box experience" image and
> tutorial (the tutorial still has some VisualWorks-specific stuff in it
> that I'm working over)? Up-load the image from
>     ftp://ftp.create.ucsb.edu/pub/Squeak/CD-ROM/Demos/Getting%20Started/
> 3) What packages, documents, etc. am I missing? See
>     ftp://ftp.create.ucsb.edu/pub/Squeak/CD-ROM/Packages/index.html
> 4) Whom have I forgotten to acknowledge or cite?
> 5) If you want to complain about the look of the web pages, please send
> me a better design. I'm the audio guy, remember (i.e., no visual sense).
> 6) How can we make this more useful to readers of the book, and the
> community in general?


  Stephen Travis Pope

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