[ENH][Incomplete] An alternate UI Look (was Re: Better Squeak UIs, "Skin Clicks" ?)

Ken G. Brown kbrown at tnc.com
Mon Jan 15 06:56:29 UTC 2001

I'm seeing a steady improvement with the look of your work. You seem 
to have a good esthetic sense. This look is neater and more finished 
looking in my opinion.

What could be done to make the borders of the pop-up help balloons 
look nicer? Would it be feasible to have an antialiased pen type?

Go Doug Go!

At 7:42 PM -0500 on 1/14/01,  Doug Way is rumored to have written:
>Ok, since we're discussing alternate UI's, I'll post what I have so far
>with my alternate look.  Attached is a screenshot and changeset.  Note
>that it's not really finished, and I still want to come up with some
>other alternatives, too.
>Attachment converted: hd7600:SqueakNewLook.gif (GIFf/8BIM) (0001FAF3)

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