Squeak 2.9 on ARM with optimizations

Kevin Fisher kgf at golden.net
Wed Jan 3 02:08:50 UTC 2001

> Kevin Fisher <kgf at golden.net> is widely believed to have written:
> > Just a quick follow-up to the earlier discussion about compiling Squeak on ARM 
> > with optimizations....
> > 
> > I went back and rebuilt the VM, omitting optimizations for the module that 
> > causes the problems with GCC-ARM (SoundCodecPlugin.c).  When I try to start an 
> > image with the resulting VM however, I get an illegal instruction and it dies.
> This is exactly the sort of thing I get on my NetWinder with their
> latest (at least, latest as of last May or so) linux release. Crai
> seemed to be able to get a working VM on his NW though, but we haven't
> had any time to do a comparison between the machines to see what the
> problem might be. I used to be able to make working Squeaks before
> upgrading to that latest release!

Actually, it was on the Netwinder site that I found the erratum about GCC 
being broken for certain optimizations.  They claim it's purely a GCC on ARM 
What versions of GCC are being used between the two Netwinders, I wonder?

The build farm on handhelds.org is some sort of odd crossbreed between Redhat 
and Debian..I don't believe it's running on Netwinders, but some sort of 
internal Compaq development platform.

> I heard a mention that the NW VM can run on linux'd iPaqs; so you might
> try
> http://netjam.org/self/projects/smalltalk/executables/squeak-2-9-a-netwi
> nder.zip just maybe?
> tim
> PS If you have any knowledge of driving gdb (indeed if it works on iPaq)
> see if you can work out where the problem happened. I'm reasonably sure
> it is something to do with floating point emulation.

Hmm...well, I think gdb used to be on my iPaq but I had to blow it away to 
make space for Squeak.  I might be able to get it back on, however...debugging 
should be quite easy since there is a shell login hanging off the iPaq serial 
port. :)

I'll see what I can do..right now I'm trying to get OSProcess working with my 
shrunken image so I can completely do away with the window manager on the 
iPaq...that way I can call /sbin/shutdown and whatever else (the irda stuff?) 
right from Squeak.  It would be nice be able to do away with X as well, but 
one step at a time... ;)

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