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Sat Jan 6 13:06:23 UTC 2001


> >I am now attempting to re-install Squeak from scratch again. And I want the
> >latest version. I do have a working 2.9, but it's ugly (2.7 VM and 2.9
> >image/changes forced upon the VM on start-up).
> I'm not clear why you think this is ugly. There need not be a one-to-one correspondence between VMs and images. I have lots of image/changes combos that I can run using a single VM. I also have lots of VMs (representing different optimizations, e.g.) that I can use to run one image.

I guess it's just me. Since the VM is hardcoded to load the 2.8 image, I
feel "guilty" for coping out and just forcing it to use another one :)

But so there is absolutely no depdencent what so ever, except for the
default name of the image it tries to load? I already know that the VM is
more or less separate from the Smalltalk stuff (i.e. the image), but I was
thinking there might be some details in the image low-level stuff that might
be best left to the "right" VM.

> If you want to start from 2.8, then evaluate
> 	EToySystem eToyVersion: 'Squeak2.9alpha' date: Date today printString
> and choose world menu/help/update code from server. Note: this will take a fairly long time since there have been many updates since 2.8, so you are probably better off going with the 2.9 image that you downloaded.

Thanks! I went with the individual updates. I feel "clean" now :)

Another reason I preferred this way of updating is that I read a comment
from someone (don't remember who - no offence :)) who had found that Morphic
was faster with an image updates manually with the changes file rather than
using the stock image (IIRC).

Based on *very* simple tests I seem to be seeing the same thing. For
example, scrolling the list of all methods of Object in the class browser in
a morphic project leads to 100% CPU utilitzation in the 2.7 VM/stock 2.9
image combination (on an Athlon 500, Linux). But doing the same thing with
my new 'fresh' updates 2.8 image results in 50% CPU utilization.

Of course, this might also have something to do with the new image loosing
events (I saw something about that being reported?), but there is no drop in
rate-of-update from what I can see.

Anyways... thank you very much!

Now I just need to get Nebraska working :)

/ Peter Schuller, InfiDyne Technologies HB

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