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Alan Knight knight at
Fri Jan 12 16:14:10 UTC 2001

This forum seems to have been missed, so far, so here's the official 
announcement for Smalltalk Solutions.

It’s Official: Smalltalk Solutions 2001!

The Smalltalk Solutions group is pleased to announce that Smalltalk 
Solutions 2001 Conference is officially on!  We will be in Rosemont, 
Illinois (Near Chicago), April 9th-11th.  We are in the process of 
finalizing all arrangements and have even booked our keynote speaker

Ø       Dr. Alan Kay, Vice President and Disney Fellow, Walt Disney 
Imagineering, Research and Development, Inc.

Our Website is officially live and running and can be found at:
v <>.

While still under construction, here are some features you can look forward 
to in the near future:
·       Top notch list of speakers and presenters
·       Lists of vendors, consultants, and other Smalltalk affiliated 
·       Updated information about Camp Smalltalk
·       And more

Become a part of the BIGtalk about Smalltalk!  Plan to participate 
today.  Get involved however you can.  It’s time to show the world what 
most of you already know:

v       Smalltalk is not only the right choice, but the best one!

Alan Knight [|], Cincom Systems
knight at
aknight at

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