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Ned Konz ned at
Tue Jan 9 20:08:35 UTC 2001

On Tuesday 09 January 2001 11:11, Rick Zaccone wrote:
> Thanks to those who responded to my question about change sets.  The
> suggestions were very useful, but I guess change sets aren't quite as
> useful as I would like.  I would like to keep a record of my changes
> without saving my image each time.  That is, I would like a record of
> selected changes to appear in my change set.  When I'm ready to
> release software, I could strip off the early versions and create a
> new change set file for release.  The change set will the selected
> revisions would be for my reference.

You can do this: just save your change sets every time you're happy
with them (by default you'll get sequential numbers). You don't have
to save the image.

But you'll have to load your last change set to keep working on it,
of course.

If you want to have historical versions with this approach, just file
in all the change sets into the same project's change set:

file in xyz.1.cs into new change set (or current change set)
file in xyz.2.cs on top of that
file in xyz.3.cs on top of that

and so on. Of course, you can just put this into a script (a .st file)
and put it into your command line so that every time you start up the
image you get this done for you.

Does this not do what you want?

If not, what are you trying to accomplish?

Ned Konz
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