Squeak 2.9 on ARM with optimizations

Kevin Fisher kgf at golden.net
Wed Jan 3 03:55:29 UTC 2001

> Kevin Fisher <kgf at golden.net> is widely believed to have written:
> > What versions of GCC are being used between the two Netwinders, I wonder?
> Excellent question. I hope to have time to find an answer soon.

The build farm uses gcc version 2.95.1 19990816 (release).  I believe this is 
the version the Netwinder site mentioned as well.

> > I'll see what I can do..right now I'm trying to get OSProcess working with my 
> > shrunken image so I can completely do away with the window manager on the 
> > iPaq...that way I can call /sbin/shutdown and whatever else (the irda stuff?) 
> > right from Squeak.  It would be nice be able to do away with X as well, but 
> > one step at a time... ;)
> I have some code from doing the original Itsy port that might help
> there, especially combined with the FxBlt/ExternalSurface stuff. Let me
> know when you get to that point.

That would be great!  I had suspected that some direct framebuffer code had to 
exist somewhere (I wasn't sure if the SqueakNOS folks had gotten that far yet).

I was wondering about the relationship of the iPaq to the Itsy...it is a 
direct relative is it not?  The Linux build I'm using is called 'Bitsy'.

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