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> Tim's changes arrived as part of one of SMA's packages back in November. Unfortunately, Tim's changes collided with those by Ian and Marcus that were needed by jitter3 and were set aside until they could be resolved. I don't know if Tim was informed of this nor whether any further action was taken. Perhaps if Tim or someone else could reconcile the differences, this matter could be wrapped up.
No, I wasn't told of any actual cases of clashes. I did get mail from
someone (Dan maybe?) asking if I knew of any, to which I could only
reply that there should be no problem.

The vm changes would not so far as I can tell affect the jitter since it
would take over and act as if it were a vm without the unwind fix. The
image changes should not cause any problem; they work perfectly well on
an old vm. It is possible that some of the changes Ian & Markus made
would clash but there is no way I could know that at the time I did the
work, nor has anyone told me of any actual problem.

The code I wrote works in all four cases of fixed/not-fixed vm &
fixed/not-fixed image. If somebody likes to tell me what image changes
Ian & Markus made that might affect things then I could work around

Mind you, until the jitter stuff is completed enough to be mainstream,
it seems pointless. I'm sure it is likely to change.

Tim Rowledge, tim at,
Life would be so much easier if we could just look at the source code.

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