Professor seeking sabbatical niche

Andrew P. Black black at
Tue Jan 2 07:46:26 UTC 2001

I hope that this is not an inappropriate request to place on this 
list -- if it is, please flame me privately ;-)

I'm a professor at the Oregon Graduate Institute, and my interest in 
Squeak has been growing steadily as I do more and more with it.  But 
there is no Squeak "community" here at OGI. I have a sabbatical 
coming up next academic year (October 2001 onwards), and I would like 
to spend some part of it doing something that deepens my knowledge of 
Squeak, and hopefully contributes to the Squeak environment.  Oh--and 
is fun!

Most likely, this would be some not-for-profit activity, perhaps one 
that draws on my interests in distributed systems, and contributes to 
the Squeak source pool; for this I would expect to get at least 
partial salary support from my University.   But I would also be 
interested in doing some commercial O-O development in Squeak, 
particularly as part of an XP team.

See my web page at for more information about me.
If you might be interested in talking further about my participation 
on your project, please contact me (off the list) 
mailto:black at

Although October seems like a long way off, I do need to make plans 
fairly quickly with the University.  At this point I'm looking for 
expressions of interest rather than a firm commitment.


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