newbie. creating keyboard shortcuts

Scott Wallace Scott.Wallace at
Wed Jan 17 23:16:06 UTC 2001


Look at PasteUpMorph.keystrokeInWorld:.  The way cmd-t brings up a 
transcript should serve as a good model for what you want to do.

I use a customized version of this method on my system that also lets 
me get to a change sorter, get a new workspace, etc., very quickly, 
without having to touch the mouse.

Hope this helps,

  -- Scott

PS:  this is on 2.9a.

At 12:01 AM +0100 1/18/01, Raymond Tiefenthal wrote:
>i've searched the wiki up and down, but couldn't find any hint how to do
>that. I want to assign code to keys. More preceisly, I want - lets say F1 -
>to activate my browser window and - lets say F2 - to activate my workspace
>whenever I press it from anywhere in a morphic project. It would be very
>helpful, if you could show me some code on that.

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