Seeking cmd-r!

Scott Wallace Scott.Wallace at
Fri Jan 5 01:53:29 UTC 2001


Look at ParagraphEditor class method #initializeCmdKeyShortcuts and 
note that it associates cmd-r with the selector #recognizer:.

Next, note that the resulting structure is stashed in class variable 
"CmdActions" of ParagraphEditor.

Finally, note how ParagraphEditor.dispatchOnCharacter:with: 
dispatches command characters by referring to the CmdActions table.

I'm not sure is what you're after but this should get you in the vicinity.

   -- Scott

At 8:43 PM -0500 1/4/01, Kevin Fisher wrote:
>I think I asked this before but I had no idea what I was talking about at the
>time, so I'll ask again...
>Can someone point me to the code that handles the cmd-<whatever> keys? 
>Specifically I'm looking for the logic governing cmd-r, which triggers the
>recognizer in TextMorphs.  I've examined various event classes and I can't
>quite pinpoint what I'm looking for.
>I know how CharRecog works, I just want to see exactly what cmd-r does to
>invoke it.

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