[FIX] Re: [Annoyance] Script editors accept drop on playfields

Karl Ramberg karl.ramberg at chello.se
Thu Jan 25 19:55:47 UTC 2001

Copied over the method from SystemWindows and it works like
a dream :-)


Karl Ramberg wrote:
> After working some time with scripting this stands out
> as a mayor annoyance. Usually I have a big playfield on the
> desktop and then I start to bring up all sorts of scripts
> and browsers etc. After a few minutes the desktop is cramped
> a I have to put a script over the playfield. When I do that the
> script editor gets D&D on the playfield and usually gets cropped
> of so it's impossible to read/edit. Script editors could follow
> the same rules as system windows and have embedding turned off by default.
> Karl
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'From Squeak2.9alpha of 13 June 2000 [latest update: #3193] on 25 January 2001 at 8:51:53 pm'!

!ScriptEditorMorph methodsFor: 'dropping/grabbing' stamp: 'kfr 1/25/2001 20:50'!
wantsToBeDroppedInto: aMorph
	"Return true if it's okay to drop the receiver into aMorph"
	^aMorph isWorldMorph or:[Preferences systemWindowEmbedOK]! !

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