Squeak CD-ROM contents available for review

Edward P Luwish eluwish at qwest.com
Mon Jan 22 20:47:22 UTC 2001

Wonderful, wonderful!  What an incredible service to the community
Most wonderful is the Swiki snapshot for offline browsing - will a more recent
snapshot become available or is it a hellish amount of link-repairing?

Here are some of things I would add, assuming permission can be obtained and
there is no second version of the CDROM:

Tutorials -
1) David Smith did a great presentation on metaclasses/metaobjects - the
handouts are not completely self-explanatory but enough to clear up some of the
biggest confusions.
2) I also love Craig Latta's Object Metaphysics drawing - follow the lines and
you'll achieve enlightenment.

Documents (probably can't due to copyright restrictions) -
2a) The stuff Dwight has on his web site (the "lost" Blue Book chapters, etc.)

Goodies -
3) Golgi is a worthy attempt at realizing Vannevar Bush's Meme machine

Archives for pack rats (they're on the internet, but may someday disappear) -
4) Of course interpreter sources for non-Mac machines
5) The last Mac interpreter that can be built with MPW
6) All the old images going back to 1.1 (and available VMs)
7) All the official SC change sets
8) The UIUC Smalltalk archives other than the Squeak directories

"Stephen T. Pope" wrote:

> Hello all,
> Okay, so I've up-loaded a DRAFT of the proposed Squeak CD-ROM contents
> to CREATE for your review and comment -- please let me know what's
> missing in the way of packages, documents, and acknowledgments, etc.
> Most of the VM sources are not there, but they're easy to add.


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