Team development support in Squeak

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at
Mon Jan 29 12:55:00 UTC 2001


Joseph Pelrine and some other guys are developing in thecontext 
of the squeak stable effort an application model (envy and teamv mixed)
for Squeak. 

You may want to contact joseph Pelrine (jpelrine at say that this is me 
that gave you his email) and john Sarkela (one of the main actor in Squeak World 
Tour) sarkela at


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> Setting up the team development infrastructure in our company we are having
> a discussion about several possible strategies for source code management
> and project management.
> As we are sure many of you face the same problem I would like to ask for
> references, experiences, suggestions.
> Of the possible solutions the following come to mind:
> - Visual Source Safe from Microsoft, or PVCS
>   The advantage would be a defined way of working, a disadvantage would of
> course be the
>   fact that it is file-based and has no awareness of objects.
> - Scan, a tool from Heeg
>   This is a project from Hans-Martin Mosner on
>   How is this tool going with the new Squeak releases? Morphic support?
> - AppMan (is it ported to Squeak?) in the Smalltalk archives
> - any other solutions?
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> Rob Vens
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