Best way to run a Swiki

Mark Guzdial guzdial at
Thu Jan 4 14:58:29 UTC 2001

Torsten, you're right.  We're now trying to set up to be the single place to get 
Comanche and Swiki.  There are pre-packaged downloads for Windows and 
Mac there now.  We'll try to update all other sources to point to 
this Swiki.


At 4:08 PM +0100 1/3/01, Torsten.Bergmann at wrote:
>I've tested the default PWS that comes with Squeak and a Comanche
>Package I've found at I'm a little bit
>irritated by different implementations, changesets, websites and
>I want to run an own local Swiki for personal informations.
>It should look similar to the Squeak Discussion Swiki, Swiki's at
>or Swikis at and should support most of their functionality.
>Which files do I need to run such a swiki ? Is there a general
>package I can install into Squeak ? What's actually the best
>Swiki implementation with the most functionality ? Is it possible to use
>the implementations with an updated alpha image?
>Can I have Frameset support like on ?
>Is there any work going on on having PWS as comanche module or interfacing
>comanche to databases?

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