C Code Generation

Andrew C. Greenberg werdna at mucow.com
Wed Jan 24 02:23:43 UTC 2001

At 9:34 AM -0700 1/23/01, Edward P Luwish wrote:
>Can anyone describe the subset?  For those of us who need to dink with the
>CCodeGenerator, it would be helpful to have, if not a formal syntax and
>semantics, at least some examples of what can NOT currently be translated
>(the Interpreter class has sufficient examples of what CAN).

It is called Slang, and in view of your posting, it almost certainly 
not close to what you want.  My chapter in the Squeakbook has a 
survey of the syntax and a bit of background how Slang is used, but I 
strongly suggest you take Bob and Tim's advices before spending a lot 
of time on this.  Slang is *NOT* really  Smalltalk -- its an (mostly) 
interpretable Smalltalk-like transliteration of imperative C code, 
highly useful for facilitating the development of C-language 
interpreters and plugins from a Smalltalk environment.

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