Squeak Books!

Bert Freudenberg bert at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Fri Jan 26 08:14:40 UTC 2001

> Never write a book in Word

We wrote a book in Word, which was a nightmare. And from numerous disaster
reports from students I can tell if you happen to write a 10+ page paper
with Word without trouble, you're just plain lucky.

Both, FrameMaker and LaTeX are far more reliable. If you like fancy
layouts, buy Frame and take some days to actually read the manual. For
getting started with LaTeX it's better to have someone at hand to ask. I
use LaTeX exclusively (provided I am free to choose) and never missed a
deadline (not for technical reasons, anyway ;^).

Besides, for someone used to the typographical quality of LaTeX, documents
type set by Word look soooo ugly ...

-- Bert

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