Squeak 2.9 on ARM with optimizations

Kevin Fisher kgf at golden.net
Tue Jan 2 23:49:48 UTC 2001

Just a quick follow-up to the earlier discussion about compiling Squeak on ARM 
with optimizations....

I went back and rebuilt the VM, omitting optimizations for the module that 
causes the problems with GCC-ARM (SoundCodecPlugin.c).  When I try to start an 
image with the resulting VM however, I get an illegal instruction and it dies. 
 SoundCodecPlugin.c is the only module that triggers the bug in GCC.

So, until I can get into an environment with an up-to-date ARM toolchain, the 
iPaq benchmarks on Linux with optimization will have to wait for a while.  
I'll try signing on to the handhelds.org mailing list and post a query about 
the toolchain on their build farm...I imagine they'll update it someday.

(So for now, the gauntlet must remain where it is.. :)

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