Call for help with Squeak CVST UI!

Göran Hultgren gohu at
Thu Jan 11 07:01:07 UTC 2001


--- Doug Way <dway at> wrote:
> "Göran Hultgren" wrote:
> > Hi all!
> > 
> > We just wanted to see if anyone fluent in MVC/Morphic :-) would be interested to put some UI
> on
> > top of CVST for Squeak? Currently we have a working version for Squeak but without UI. One
> thought
> > is to add support in Whisker? Doug? Are you interested? :-)
> Um, probably not, but I wouldn't rule it out.  I might be willing to try CVST at some point just
> to see how it works... I have used CVS in the past, anyway.  I'm not entirely sure how CVST
> would be best integrated with Whisker, although I could imagine parsing and viewing the results
> of a "CVST diff" which might work well.

Of course it might be simpler/more mainstream to extend the standard class browser but since the
most activity right now seems to be in Whisker I took a chance by asking you! :-)

Well anyway, I pictured a few menu-choices like "update" and "commit" on classes and categories
(haven't used Whisker yet, do you have selectable categories like in the package browser?) and
perhaps the ability to switch on revision numbers in class names. This combined with a few special
UIs reachable from menu-choices would probably be enough for 95% of the time.

When I think more of it, it is probably easier if we first build some form of standalone UI that
works and then - if it looks interesting at that point, we can move functionality into Whisker.

So... the question remains - anyone interested? ;-)

regards, Göran

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