[enh] celestetweaks

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Tue Jan 30 19:40:48 UTC 2001

> > 1. The custom menu button always presents a menu; matching filters are
> > listed at the top of the the menu.
> That sounds good, but your changeset puts them under the fixed filter
> management options. The tiny CS below reorders that to be as advertised,
> which I for one would prefer.

Well, okay, whatever makes people happy.  I must admit it makes it very
fast to select that top filter now!

> > 2. The auto-move button is removed.  Instead, the regular TOC menu will
> > give the option of an automove.
> These two features you mentioned are not equivalent - note what (still,
> with your changes applied) happens when you press alt-m. The automove I
> put in automatches the appropriate filter and then *moves all* matchers
> to the folder of same name. Of course, whether this is a good thing or
> bad is a matter of taste. I'm happy as it is, still having the keyboard
> shortcut. If people find that too dangerous an option to have (and it
> might be, to have hidden only in keyboard shortcut), I don't
> particularly mind having my own customization changeset.

Ah, okay.  So this is similar to doing a custom filter and then a "move
all", except that it all happens automagically with one button press?  I
know I got messed up the first time I pressed this, because I mistook it
for the "custom filter" button.  Sadly, the message I'd selected
disappeared from sight and I still don't know where it went to. 
Hopefully it wasn't an important message.  (and hopefully it was only

It still seems good to leave this off of the main button bar, I think. 
New users will get stubbed by it, and ultra-efficient users will be
using hotkeys anyway.

> > 3. Huge message lists are not shown, but a menu item is added to
> > forcibly show all messages.
> This introduces a bit of redundancy with the existing folder list's menu
> item "view all messages"... I'd keep any one of them.

Crud, you're right.  Never noticed that....

> > 4. The From Filter is switched to a Participant Filter."!
> Hey, cool! It's much more useful this way.



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