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Too bad they couldn't get away from APL like unreadable operators. That's
the most disturbing part - there's nothing wrong with a few carefully chosen
keywords (like #join, #reduce etc) and learning all these operators is just
a pain. Reminds me of my favourite entry in the J online help:

"For vectors and matrices, the phrase x +/ . * y is equivalent to the dot,
inner, or matrix product of math; other rank-0 verbs such as <. and *. are
treated analogously. In general, u . v is defined by u@(v"(1+lv,_)),
restated in English below."

Ah, yes. u@(v"(1+lv,_)). Of course ;-)

  - Andreas

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> > at http://www.fscript.org is a MacOS X scripting layer
> > which looks a lot like Smaltalk.
> It _is_ Smalltalk!  (with a tiny syntax enhancement and some
> new methods
> for the Array class!  :-)
> Other than the innovative syntax used, I'm wondering what all
> they hype
> is about -- everything else discussed in the paper "High Level Object
> Oriented Programming with Array Technology" by Philippe Mougin
> (available for download from www.fscript.org, and published in the ACM
> APL-2000 Berlin confer procedings) seems obvious, even to someone like
> me who's not much of an expert on "array programming" or any of the
> traditional languages such as APL.  Indeed many of the new Array class
> messages discussed seemed like obvious additions (though of
> course some
> of them only become truly useful with the new message send
> notation for
> Array objects).  Some of the potential underlying implementation
> optimisations discussed seemd pretty nifty too though.
> Does anyone have any thoughts on adding this AP stuff to Squeak?
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