A stupid newbie question

G.J.Tielemans at dinkel.utwente.nl G.J.Tielemans at dinkel.utwente.nl
Tue Oct 9 07:12:34 UTC 2001

You are missing the point that for a normal user - not the
computer-fun-people - the best solution is to put all materials in one box
and if they want to use it, they only would have to open that box:
windows-shorthand for that: "give me a .exe"

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"Stephen Pair" <spair at advantive.com> wrote:
	Looks like we have two metaphors to compare:
	A) Double click and icon and squeak runs
	B) Drag one icon on top of another and run Squeak
Am I missing something, or have I been using (A) on MacOS for as long
as I've had Squeak (since 2.7)?  What's to complain about?  It's there!
It just works.

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