A stupid newbie question

Daniel Joyce daniel.a.joyce at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 9 15:29:00 UTC 2001


> 	Don't ignore .NET - We at LSW are already developing .NET apps with
> Smalltalk.
> 	Create tools which generate VB, JavaScript, etc. from Smalltalk
> 	Create tools to import/export Perl, Ruby, Phyton
> 	Improve Flash-stuff - make tools for generic-Flash generation.

	How would any of this work? How would squeak know enough about the rat's 
nest that is VB to generate code for it?

	Nevermind Ruby or Python. What if your program uses Squeak features not 
found in these languages?

	There are so many interdependencies, it's hard to write out a small program 
in another language that does exactly what a ST program does. 

	We do that already with C, by using a 'limited' ST dialect for the parts we 
want translated into that language, IE, plugins. But since each supported 
language has different abilites, we'd need Squeak-C, Squeak-Ruby, etc etc.

	Since you can already run a Squeak based web server and application server ( 
like Zope is for Python ), since you can embed it in webpages using the 
plugin ( like JavaScript, Java ), why bother? <:)

	Now, Better flash support would be cool inside of squeak.


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