[Q] RunArray>>, and #copyReplaceFrom:to:with

Bijan Parsia bparsia at email.unc.edu
Wed Oct 17 02:36:42 UTC 2001

On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Andreas Raab wrote:

> Bijan,
> The attached CS speeds RunArray>>, and #copyReplaceFrom:to:with: up by a
> factor of roughly four. All it does is making both runs and values arrays
> (there was some inconsistency between when to use OrderedCollections and
> when not) plus a few minor modifications here and there. The overall result
> for Text>>addAttribute:from:to: seems to be in the range of a factor of two
> (although this may depend since #addAttribute: does some stuff besides).

Very interesting! My #contentsChanged went from around 1723 msec. to 440
msec., so this certainly seems worth it.

I don't know how this compares to Scott's tweak, or if they're compatible,
although, my first guess is that they are. My second guess is back to "I
have no idea!"

Still, very interesting. Thanks to you both!

Bijan Parsia.

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