Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Tue Oct 23 03:46:53 UTC 2001

> Content-Transfer-Encoding: x-uuencode
> begin 644 Interpre.st

Anyone want to write uuencode and uudecode?  Or better, find an existing
implementation and get it working in Squeak?  Base64MimeConverter would
be a nice guide to the structure, and it sure would be nice if Celeste
supported it....

BTW, I'll always remember spending a few weeks MIME-ifying an email
reader according to the specs, and then getting busted by the very first
email I received from Microsoft Outlook because it uses the
anti-standard uuencode.  Really, uuencode is more than non-standard --
the standards only mention uuencode to say *not* to do it.


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