[FIX] Collection>>noneSatisfy:

goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Fri Oct 26 09:39:39 UTC 2001

Stefan Kersten <steve at k-hornz.de> wrote:
> "Göran Hultgren" wrote:
> > Already posted that one some time ago... :-) :-)
> > Those poor harvesters are having a run for their money right now - the list is littered with
> > fixes...
> ooops, sorry, i missed that one ...

Nah, not your fault! Our process need some refinement, that's all.

And that fix is so "dead on" that it would be nice if we could just
"fast track" those kind of OBVIOUS fixes...

regards, Göran

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